Passion Over Profit
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We provides you with a better tommorow.

Software House

We develop and customize Mobile Apps and Web Based Applications to meet your uinique bussiness requirement.

Research, Development & Training Center

We are doing Research & Development to provide you with better education and Training.

Network, Security & Data Analysis Consultation

All our service comes with Security & Detail Analysis consultation to secure your needs and future.


Our experiences have been overwhelming.

Fleet Management System (FMS)

'Fleet Management System' is a system to monitor and manage vehicle request and maintenance efficiently so that you may utilize resources to its optimum level.

Asset Records Management System (ARMS)

'Asset Records Management System' is a system that hold each on every data of your valuable assets and manage their life history.

Law Enforcement Management System (LeMS)

'Law Enforcement Management System' or simply called LEMS is a solution that help law enforcement department in a government agency to manage & monitor charges records.

Grant Management System (GraMS)

'Grant Management System' or simply called GraMS is a solution that help government agency to manage & monitor project development, KPI's and payment receipt.

Inventory Management System (eStore)

'Inventory System' is a system that can single handedly manage all your inventory by following 1PP Malaysia Treasurery standart of keeping physical asset and inventory.

Agreement Generator System (AGeS)

'Agreement Generator System' is a solution that helps generating agreement document based on generated template and embed seemless interaction between parties/departments/vendors on making each every level of approval.

Asset Registration System (AReS)

'Asset Registration System' is a simplified solution version of an Asset Management System that helps your agency to manage and monitor your valuable assets without hassle on system setup and minimize configuration on to start with.

Our Amazing Team

We are a team of developer who take community future as our own.

Zahrin Azam

Full Stack

Aril Azam

CMS, Marketing, SEO

Shahrin Nidzam

Node JS, Ionic


Technical Writer, PHP


CMS, Marketing, SEO

Khairul Filhan

Node JS, Ionic, React





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